My Projects

This website is one of my ongoing projects. While it's not flawless, it serves as a testament to my continuous learning and growth in this dynamic field. The web server is powered by LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) technology stack. Initially hosted on Google Cloud, I later migrated it to Oracle Cloud's free tier due to cost considerations. As a result, the walkthroughs may display a different IP address. This setup leverages Linux as the operating system, Apache for handling HTTP requests, MySQL as the database management system, and PHP for script execution.

This isn't your typical Linux server. In my pursuit of mastering various commands and delving into cybersecurity, I opted for Kali Linux. This choice allows me to utilize the server not just for regular tasks but also as a hands-on practice environment for penetration testing activities. Click here to view the process of how I got Kali Linux on the cloud

Discover my dynamic blog created with WordPress and hosted in the Cloud, offering a platform where I share insights, updates, and experiences related to cybersecurity, technology, and more.

Capture The Flag

I've also embedded some vulnerabilities within this webserver for Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges. Test your skills with these tasks! (Each has walkthroughs available.)

Click here for Project One CTF "What are cookies?"

Click here for Project Two CTF "Can you find the 'secretfiles' on the server?"

Click here for Project Three CTF "Can you see it?"